Great Peacock Diner Review Quotes

Peacock Diner Eggs Arnold photo


Here are some food review quotes we enjoyed tremendously as we hone and perfect our 24 hour restaurant menu.


From Cheryl Baehr’s Riverfront Times review:


“For breakfast, I was impressed with the perfectly cooked three-egg omelet.  I opted for a vegetarian version, generously filled with sautéed spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms and onions.  The Swiss cheese inside and melted over the top made the dish extra rich and gooey.  I was equally pleased with the ‘Finals Breakfast Sandwich,’ which consists of a fried egg, griddled ham steak, bacon, mixed-berry jam and Sriracha (both served on the side) sandwiched between two waffles.  The subtly sweet waffles held up surprisingly well as a bread substitute, even after being doused in warm maple syrup.  The savory and sweet breakfast sandwich was like a Monte Cristo’s quirky cousin.”


“On the lunch side of the menu, I enjoyed a simple appetizer of crispy fried spinach, dusted with some shaved Parmesan cheese for a salty kick.  Thick-cut, battered onion rings were also well-prepared.”


“Burgers at Peacock are thin, greasy and griddled on a flattop – just what one wants from a 24-hour diner (and completely different from those at Blueberry Hill).”


“The beauty of an all-hours diner is that we could order the waffle for dessert in the middle of the day.”


The spiked milkshakes are “worth the trip to this funhouse of a restaurant.”


“Peacock Loop Diner could become the one that I want.”


Quote from Alive Magazine in Eat + Drink section:


“Fresh takes on traditional finer food with beautiful retro-inspired décor.  Open all day, every day.”