peacock diner breakfast sandwich

More Great Reviews!

We are just as proud as a peacock to share these kind words from two local papers!   From Sidney Lewis in Ladue News:   “We always like to try the old standbys in diner situations to see how they stack up. At Peacock, this meant the Loop Fling, a take on the slinger… The […]

Peacock Diner Eggs Arnold photo

Great Peacock Diner Review Quotes

  Here are some food review quotes we enjoyed tremendously as we hone and perfect our 24 hour restaurant menu.   From Cheryl Baehr’s Riverfront Times review:   “For breakfast, I was impressed with the perfectly cooked three-egg omelet.  I opted for a vegetarian version, generously filled with sautéed spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms and onions.  The Swiss […]