More Great Reviews!

peacock diner breakfast sandwich

We are just as proud as a peacock to share these kind words from two local papers!


From Sidney Lewis in Ladue News:

“We always like to try the old standbys in diner situations to see how they stack up. At Peacock, this meant the Loop Fling, a take on the slinger… The fling differs from the Loop Sling in that it has chorizo gravy instead of chili. It also entails two eggs (your style of choice) with a choice of meats, all served over either breakfast potatoes or a waffle. Our creation ended up consisting of eggs sunny side up, bacon and waffle. It was a glorious, sloppy combo of all our favorite things.”


“The aptly named burger was just that, a straight-ahead, no-frills taste machine… Don’t get us wrong we thoroughly enjoy the recent trend toward ‘gourmet’ burgers, but sometimes you just want the basics done right. This burger fits that bill and then some.”


“In addition to having some pretty tasty offerings, the Peacock also is environmentally friendly—certified LEED Platinum and everything—so you can enjoy yourself with a clear conscience. Looks like Joe Edwards may have another winner here!”



And from Heather Riske for Feast Magazine:


“Biscuits with chorizo gravy, the Loop Sling (with a tweaked chili recipe), a Finals Breakfast Sandwich (fried egg, ham steak, bacon and cheddar cheese between two waffles) and the Eggs Arnold (fried egg, ham, melted cheddar and sautéed spinach over a housemade buttermilk biscuit topped with hollandaise sauce) are standouts.”


“Peacock has also added a few classic diner items to the menu, including a juicy patty melt on marble rye, fluffy pancakes, chicken-fried steak and chicken and waffle with honey butter… All burgers and sandwiches now come with shoestring French fries, and breakfast dishes, including the omelets, come with toast or a biscuit.”