Unique Spaces

Three women in a diner sitting in a circular booth that spins around. There is a tv screen in the background a lit-up purple sign is arched over the booth. It says "Peacock Carousel of Love"

We have a very special reserved area for intimate celebrations and special occasions called the Peacock Carousel of Love. The circular booth rotates and a curtain opens revealing a flat-screen TV and a space where you can even have a surprise guest waiting behind a dramatic, remote-controlled curtain.

The photo opportunity in our colorful, exuberant space will make your group photo outstanding and not only Instagram-worthy but also framing-worthy!

It’s perfect for anniversary dinners, surprise parties, birthday parties, a unique and memorable marriage proposal, business presentations that impress clients, small graduation parties, after-work happy hours, bachelorette parties, dinner before a concert, playing video games (we have a Playstation 4), watching TV premieres with your friends and many creative occasions we can’t think of yet but know you will! Both a marriage proposal and a business proposal were recently made (and accepted) in the Peacock Carouse of Love!

With booth rental each guest receives a Peacock Loop Diner temporary tattoo and a signature Olive You hors d’oeuvre in addition to access to the flatscreen TV, private audio system and PlayStation 4. Play your slideshow, video or music from your iPhone, Android device or tablet, iPad, iPod, computer, DVD or CD large on the crisp screen and sound system for your guests! It seats up to 8 people.

Reserve the space here.